Watch My Showreel

For a quick sample of my recent play-by-play commentary work, check out this showreel featuring a few short clips from Defiant, WhatCulture Pro Wrestling and the German Wrestling Federation. It includes a show intro that includes a piece to camera, footage from mid-match both in serious and more light-hearted scenarios, a near fall and a major match finish.

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Watch Full Matches

For a better flavour of my work, the following full matches are among those available to view for free on YouTube...

Prior to joining NXT, the One and Only took on one of his wrestling heroes in the summer of 2017, with spectacular results right from the start.
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The Olympic Gold Medallist collides with the American Nightmare in front of almost 3000 fans, with Jim Cornette joining me on commentary.
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The clash of styles in this first-time-ever encounter made for an instant classic between the Ring General and the Aerial Assassin in August 2018.
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Media From Non-Commentary Work

Check out clips from my TV presenting and inteviewing, as well as samples of my written journalism...

The show I hosted on Challenge TV in the UK, showcasing the best British wrestling action and discussing it with studio guests. Click here for a full episode!

A surreal moment for me, talking to my childhood hero for WrestleTalk about watching him wrestle at Wembley Stadium.
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Before my current work with WrestleTalk Magazine, I wrote and edited 4 pages of UK news each month for FSM.
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