10. James R. Kennedy will turn out to be an elaborate prank

Blog 10 - Tony Knox

Photo: Tony Knox

The wrestling industry is well-known for its practical jokes, and I’m starting to wonder if I am the victim of one of the most elaborate pranks in the history of the sport. From 2017 until the closure of Defiant Wrestling last summer the co-commentator with whom I was most often paired was a man who wears sunglasses indoors because, in his own words, he is dazzled by his own brilliance. He wears cologne so strong that before one show I suffered an asthma attack, which is odd because I’m not asthmatic. He is totally convinced that he is a better businessman than Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates and yet, six months after I last worked with him, he still calls me most days asking for money. None of this is normal. In fact, it’s so absurd that I have reached a startling conclusion: James R. Kennedy must be a hired actor who someone has continuously employed for the past three years with the sole purpose of tormenting me. My aim this year is to prove it, even if I have to work with him again to get to the bottom of it...