Ten Predictions for 2020

Happy new year! Actually, when is it too late to still be saying that? If it’s January I assume I’m cool, right? Anyway, the reason I’m only just getting the chance to reflect on the year ahead is that I’ve had a very busy winter, with all of the promotions for whom I work having highly newsworthy shows either before or after Christmas. With so much happening it’s almost impossible to predict a few weeks into the future - let alone a full year - but what can I say, I like a challenge. So without further ado, here are ten 100% guaranteed bulletproof predictions for the rest of 2020. What could possibly go wrong?


1. Rampage will put one or more of Kosta K’s new gang in the hospital

Blog 01 - Tony Knox

Photo: Tony Knox

Events at the conclusion of Wrestle Gate Pro’s Strong Hold show last month have made me question whether I’m a bad judge of character: I thought that Joe Hendry was now at a point in his career where he was above cowardly attacks on a champion as respected as Rampage Brown. I had pegged both Malik and Brady Phillips as tough competitors but also men of integrity. And I thought it was laughable that any of them would buy into the nonsense spouted by a scam artist like Kosta K. On all three counts I was brutally wrong - but here’s something I do know: the rage inside Rampage will have been building ever since that night in Nottingham, so the next time all of these men are in the same building it’s going to get ugly (or, in Kosta’s case, even more ugly).