6. Mercedez Blaze will become a major player

Blog 06 - Tony Knox

Photo: Tony Knox

Sometimes I think people forget how lucky we are here in the UK to have such a strong women’s wrestling scene - the list of female athletes in recent years who have started out on these small islands and become global stars is genuinely remarkable, and nowadays there is constant speculation about who will be the next to break through. Let me throw a name into that discussion for 2020: Mercedez Blaze has the ruthlessness, the swagger and the raw talent to be a huge success across the UK, but crucially she also has the training - she is one of the most impressive graduates of the Young Lions training regime that Will Ospreay started in Frontline, and it has clearly given her a grasp of the fundamentals which places her a cut above many other new talents. The end of 2019 saw her take down Kanji and Aleah James in Frontline among others, and she’s only just getting started.